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A simple test

Ensure money isn’t slipping through your fingers by letting cold air escape through your fridge door.

Many fridge sealing problems have simple inexpensive solutions and preventative measures.

Stockist of UBUTE Magnet Catches

UBUTE cool room catch has a 50kg pull and will do what others can’t. It will hold the door closed and keep pressure on the seal. Simply brilliant.

UBUTE base mount catches solve a problem inherent in commercial fridges. When you close one door, another door opens. These catches are spring loaded so doors can expel air then the spring will pull it shut again.

UBUTE side mount catches also solve a problem inherent in commercial fridges. They are easy to fit when there is limited space under the door. Available for left and right side.

Refrigeration Door Specialist

At Seal Fast we provide quality seals and service at competitive prices. Our extensive data base of fridge makes and models detail a vast amount of sizes and profiles. This data base has been compiled over a 50 year period and includes many tips and tricks of the trade. We stock a huge amount of door seal profiles ready to be assembled for a fast delivery. We will provide you with the right seal first time.
So if your fridge:

  • seal is split or mouldy?
  • seal lost its grip?
  • has moisture in is?
  • is forever needing defrosting?

Don’t buy a new fridge when the seal can be replaced for a fraction of the cost. ORDER NOW AND...

Lower your power bills!!!

Fridge Hire

You Can Hire a fridge and have it delivered to your camping site.

Typically a family group camping in one of our many quality Holiday Parks hire a fridge for themselves or share one with neighbours. This is a cost effective and connivent alternative to buying ice for eskies or bringing your own fridge. This service has been availiable for over twenty years.

We stock a range of sizes and styles from a small 240 Litre Whirlpool to a large 527 Litre Profile, left hand hinged or right hand hinge, upside down or freezer on top. All our fridges have separate freezers.

Once you’ve hired one of our fridges for your holiday you will wonder how you managed without.

Our Services

Domestic fridge and freezer door seals

This easy to use website ensures we provide you with the right seal first time. It has simple instructions and tips for some of the tricker jobs. We install seals for customers in the Northern Rivers of New South Wales and provide extra support for the Handy Man style businesses that wish to add fridge door seals to their services.

Commercial fridge, freezer and coolroom door seals

Our van is equipped with a seal welding jig along with a range of seals and fittings so we can replace or repair your coolrooms, commercial fridges or freezer door seals onsite. We service the Clarence Valley and the surrounding Northern Rivers of New South Wales.


Where possible we source our accessories from local manufacturers or directly from importers. We stock fast moving quality hardware at competitive prices.  

Faq Question

That depends where you are.
It could be anywhere from 2 to14 days.
We will dispatch your order within two days.
An email with an estimated delivery time and tracking number will be sent to you.

We post fridge seals Australia wide.
For fridge and coolroom seal installations we service the Northern Rivers of NSW. See our service area here.

Check your seals when cleaning the fridge and its seals. Seals last longer if kept clean.
First visually check the whole seal, top, bottom and sides. If there are any signs of cracks, splits, sagging, mould or they have gone hard, they need replacing.
Then check the door seal makes good contact with the cabinet. There are two ways of doing this:
1- Place a torch in the fridge when it’s dark. No light should escape.
2- Close the fridge door with a $10 note between the seal and cabinet. If there is no resistance when you pull the money out, that is what it could be costing you in excess power each week.

1- Locate the model number. The ? next to the search box will show you where to find it.
2- Start typing the model number in the search box above and select the appropriate one from the dropdown menu or type the model number in and click search.
3- If your fridge model has only one option it will take you to a product details page where you can add it to the shopping cart. Check the profile and size match your fridge.
4- If your fridge model has multiple seal options, images of the possible profiles will be displayed. Select the one that suits your fridge and you will be taken to the Product Details page where you can check the profile and size and add it to the shopping cart.

Most push in types are quick and easy to fit. Fisher and Pykel often use push in type seals. Screw in and foamed in type seals can take a little longer and can be a bit fiddly but still not hard unless the screws are really rusty.
Some older fridges may have brittle door liners so care must be taken to prevent damage.
Our instructions offer tips to overcome most problems.
Fitting instructions for Bead type seals that are foamed in
Fitting Instructions for Bead type seals that are screwed in
Fitting instructions for Long lip type seals that are foamed in
Fitting instructions for Long lip type seals that are screwed in
Fitting instructions for push in type seals

That depends on the type but usually around an hour.

One year on all domestic seals and three months on commercial seals.

Modern fridges have magnetic strips inserted inside door seal that holds the seal tight against the cabinet. Some have specially designed hinges to ensure the door closes.
Some older fridges have mechanical catches.
Levelling the fridge correctly will help the door close and ensure the cabinet and doors don't twist.

That depends on the Make. Try looking in these places.

Model numbers

Our Team of Supporters and Suppliers


50 years of experience, knowledge and relentless work has made this the most comprehensive website. The generous way knowledge is shared has bought this industry to the high standard it is. There is no greater gift than tools to make a living. Using the tools to the best of ones ability is the best way to show appreciation. Thank you Fridge Seals R US.

Market Leaders

For over 28 Years AustWide Plastics helpful team have been Market leaders in PVC extrusions. They are very supportive to those in the refrigeration door seal industry that strive to maintain the high quality end product and services this industry demands.


It is with fingers on the pulse of the industry new hardware will come to market. We look forward to enjoying practical solutions to long standing problems solved by pioneers of the Fridge Door Seal market.

New Enthusiasm

Yamba Fridge Hire have been hiring fridges for 17 years. Their acceptance into the door seal industry has bought about new enthusiasm with new ideas. We are excited to bring this specialised service to our community.

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