We are currently seeking Administrators to manage Trades and Services territories throughout Australia

Search Priority.
The local business cards, or logos will always be showen on top followed by business cards servicing three neighbouring territories then Region listings followed by either greater region or State listings and finally Australia wide listings.

Your business card.
Simply by clicking "Admin" just below your business card or logo, you can view, and edit, the information we have connected to it.
We show it in a simple, fair, practical, and cost effective way that will benifit local communities.
Upload image here.

Unless displayed on your business card, email addresses are hidden. Only the information on your business card, and the information in your "Admin" panel will be seen. Paid searchterms will not be displayed.
We only require three things:
1. Town, City or post code.
2. Image of Business card or logo.
3. Email. This will not be displayed.
We may make enquiries to validate your listing.

Data handling.
All data entry is handled manually by your local contractor. Searchterms will be adjusted to maximize effect. For example searchterms will be found in singular or plural forms, they will not be case sensitive, alternate spelling and spaces will be added or removed.

Looking for work flexibility and self employment?
Simply offer local businesses a free listing in Trades and Services and exchange business cards. (no hard sell please) Then scan and upload the business card via the Contractors admin panel and fill in the form.
Email your new client a link to their listing.
Clients can then click on the admin tab and add extra search terms at a price the Contractor sets. Payment will go directly into the Contractors PayPal account.
This is not a get rich quick scheme. It will need constant monitoring and updating. When Clients add extra search terms the local Contractor will receive an email with the request. It is the Contractors responsibility to carry out the request.

Terms and Conditions.
We will edit or remove your business card at your request.
A business card can be listed in one directory for free at the discretion of the Contractor.
Contractors reserve the right to edit or reject search terms, headings, categories and images. Refunds will be given if rejected.
We cannot be held accountable for the qualifications, legality or claims on business cards or logos.